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Rev. Kevin McCall is a highly respected spiritual leader, community activist, and educator. At the young age of 14, he started preaching and spreading the message of God. This led him to be ordained as a Minister at the age of 15 under the guidance of Pastor Jerry McCall. Continuing his journey, he was ordained as an Elder at the age of 22 under the leadership of Apostle William Harrell.

Throughout his spiritual journey, Rev. Kevin McCall has dedicated his life to serving others, helping them find meaning and purpose in their lives. He has used his spiritual teachings to inspire individuals to become agents of positive change in their communities.

Rev. Kevin McCall is a highly educated and experienced individual who has pursued his passions with dedication and hard work. He has always been passionate about theology and activism and has pursued his interests by pursuing a Degree in Theology at Pillar College. Later, he received a Doctorate in Social Justice Education from Anointed By God Seminary.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Rev, Kevin McCall was appointed as The National Coordinator for National Day of Prayer for the Office of the White House Faith-Based Initiatives during the tenure of Former President Barack Obama. In this role, he was responsible for coordinating and leading efforts to promote prayer and spirituality across the country.

In addition to his spiritual leadership and educational background, Rev. Kevin McCall is also a highly respected community activist. He has been involved in community activism for over 20 years, dedicating his time and energy to help the voiceless get justice. He has worked tirelessly to fight against inequality, discrimination, and social injustice, empowering individuals and communities to take action against these issues.

In times of crisis, Rev. Kevin McCall serves as the Citywide Chaplain, providing spiritual guidance and support. Additionally, he was appointed as The National Crisis Director for the National Action Network, a bible-based organization under the leadership of civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton. In this role, he was responsible for leading efforts to address crises and provide support to those in need.

Currently, Rev. Kevin McCall is a devoted husband to his wife Coreen and takes great pride in being a loving stepdad to Aaron. He continues to inspire and empower individuals to pursue their passions, fight for social justice as the president of the Crisis Acton Center.


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