Social Justice Leader Rev.Kevin McCall

Kevin Allen McCall was born on a cold day on November 24, 1986. Upon arriving into this world he knew that God called him to be the chosen one. At the early age of 6 years old he started to beg his mother to go with his uncle to community events. When he was with his uncle he had the privilege to be held by the former Mayor Honorable David Dinkins.


During his younger childhood years he was trying to find his niche and couldn’t find it so he went to look up to the streets. He started to cut school, hangout and associate himself with very bad influences. Thru his fear of his father he started getting back on track in Junior High School but still couldn’t find his niche.Going to church every sunday praising god and acting a foul in school on monday. He started to use all his energy into fighting. He fought so much in school he gained himself a nickname “Killa Kev”. He got kicked out of two junior high schools for fighting. His father explained to him that if he doesn’t graduate he will be on punishment for an entire year. Kevin did listen and graduated and went to Middle College Medgar Evers High School. In high school he still has some issues with coming to school but later on he started to excel well.


Gods grace & mercy shine on his life and he graduated from Medgar Evers at the age of 16 years old with honors. Kevin still couldn’t find his niche but was determine to be involved in some kind of action.At the tender age of 16 yrs old Kevin was ordained a Minister in the Lords Church. Kevin went to College to uptain his Bachelors degree in Political Science. Kevin loves to read so on his spare time he went to the library because that’s where all the girls were. He went to the library so much the librarian offered him a job there. He started to get involved in his community by attending local meetings regarding police misconduct. Some young people from Kevin’s building were he lived started to complain about constant police harassment so Kevin started to organize all the young people with those issues to come to the police council meeting to voice their concerns. At that meeting there was about 100 youth who was there waiting for their voice to be heard.


Kevin still was confused about why all these people were following him. Days after the meeting he was approached by a councilman who had offered him a job. He was caught in between a rock and a hard place because he was working for the library and had to choose between the two. Kevin started to ask God for guidance. He volunteered every morning by pulling up the gates and pulling them down in the evening until God gave him an answer. He took a step of faith and quit his library job because he started to spend more time with the Councilman then at work. He got screamed at by his mother and family telling him that he is a fool for quitting his job and volunteering for this politician who is a crook. That didn’t keep Kevin from going in everyday and assisting the Councilman. 2 years past and the councilman hired someone else over Kevin.


Kevin was very upset to the extreme and thought God has failed him. He started to believe everything that his mom and others were saying where true. He started to go back to what he was taught to do pray & fast. God answered him and simply said be still and wait. Kevin did just that and days later was hired as a full time employee making history becoming the Youngest Deputy Chief Of staff in the history of New York.He later recieved the keys to the city by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He learned how to step back and allow God to do his work.He became an true Community Activist and had the privilege to be on National TV stations such as B.E.T, CNN, MSNBC, News 12, Channel 7, Fox News and many others.God’s favor has open many doors for for him. He had has been featured in National newspapers including the Huffington Post, Miami Herald, Associated Press, N.Y. Daily News, Washington Post and The London Fog. Kevin has had the privilege to travel across the world on trips for the betterment of our people. He has been to China, Brazil, Africa, Puerto Rico, London, Mexico to raise the awarenesss to issues effecting the working & poor class.


In 2008 Kevin decide that he take another faith step and quit his job with the Councilman and start his own non- profit. He didn’t have any money but he had vision. He used his connections to inquire about office space.He started the Brooklyn East New York Crisis Team organization .This non-profit helps those families in need when they have any type of Crisis. Kevin didn’t stop using what God gave him which is a voice. He started to do some work with Rev. Al Sharpton & National Action Network as an on call assistant for special projects.In March 2014 he received an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry by Anointed By God Alliance Seminary School. Kevin served as the National Coordinator for the Office Of The White House Faith-based Initiatives National Day Of Prayer. Kevin is the president of the Anointed By God Alliance Seminary School.


Kevin often states that pray got him to the white house not Politics. Kevin is an ordained Chaplain.. He is currently the Founder of The Crisis Action Center. Recently he lead a delegation along with the brother of Geogre Floyd to Minneapolis. He organize over 50,000 people to March for Justice for George Floyd.

Updated  February 2021


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Ministry Bio


-Preaching at the age of 14 years old

-Ordained as a Minister at 15 years old under the leadership of Pastor Jerry McCall

-Ordained as a Elder at 22 years old under the leadership of Apostle William Harrell

-Attended Pillar College to receive his Degree in Theology

-Attended Anointed By God Seminary to receive his Doctorate in Social Justice Education

-Worked as the The National Coordinator for National Day of prayer for the Office of the White house Faith Based Initiatives under Former President Barack Obama

-Serves as Citywide Chaplain for any type of Crisis

-Served as The National Crisis director for the National Action Network which is a bible based Organization under the Leadership of Civil Rights Activist Rev. Al Sharpton

-Founder of The Crisis Action Center which is the only Food Kitchen that serves free food 7 days a week


All these things Rev. Kevin McCall accomplish is to help the individuals that doesn't have a voice same thing that Jesus did. His goal everyday is to bring light to dark issues in the spirit of those injustices that happen daily that no one speak about.If you ever are in a crisis you can count on him.


Without further ado he is one of the most prominent Social Justice leaders in this City , he is the man of courage & will speak to truth to power. He is the mouthpiece of hope. The breath of justice. A Social Justice Preacher,Justice seeker and he is a Jesus teacher.


He has devoted his life to Social Justice, he is none other than the Rev. Dr. Kevin McCall